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about us

May goddess Lakshmi shower success and prosperity on you!

At Abiraame Popular Jewellers we believe in a simple principle of prosperity. We call it prospering together. If you prosper only then we prosper. The word Abiraame - means Goddess Lakshmi - goddess of abundance and prosperity. We treat our work as a worship of that power of abundance which Mother Nature blesses us with. We may be in the business of wealth and money. However, we have a very spiritual way of approaching it. Success to us is a divine blessing that needs to be received graciously with humility and responsibility. Only then, we believe, success and wealth will be sustainable.

We help you guard your wealth

We also help our clients to attract, preserve and grow their wealth and abundance with the help of gem stones. Ancient Indians and Egyptians have been using precious stones for millennia. Some historians note that the Egyptians mined emerald as early as 3500 BC. Many powerful kings and knights, aristocrats and royal families in India and the rest of Asia have used gems to enhance their power and wealth.

However, there is a way to select and wear a powerful stone. Mr Palaniappan received ancient secrets about gemstones from his spiritual master. He has transformed many lives from hardship and penury to huge success just by recommending the right stones. His happy clients fondly thank him for the correct guidance he gives about how to harness the power of stones for improving all aspects of life.

Our Philosophy

We believe in the good of all. We have always made sure that everyone associated with us prospers. This has helped us serve generations of Singaporean families. We believe that money and spirituality can go hand in hand. That is why we are still down-to earth, humble and always eager to help all those who need it.