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What is Flexi Saving Scheme?
At APJ Abiraame, we help customers realise their dreams by offering Flexi Bonus scheme & Flexi Gold scheme. By this scheme, customer pays instalment amount monthly for 12 months. After completing 12 months, they could purchase their favourite gold jewellery, for the amount accumulated in their flexi account, with benefit.
Can I change my Flexi Scheme amount after Enrollment?
Once the 1st installment is paid,  you cannot change the Flexi Scheme amount at any part of time.
What is the duration of the Flexi Scheme?
The Flexi Scheme is an ANNUAL PLAN and you have to pay 12 installments without any delay payments to qualify for the BONUS installment amount.
What is the BENEFITS of the BONUS Flexi Scheme?
In Flexi BONUS Scheme, Gold jewellery could be purchased at the lowest price within 4 months, from the last payment date. (after completing  12th month payment without any delay.)
Additionally, the customer is entitled to get one month instalment amount as bonus from APJ Abiraame.
When can I make purchase with the Flexi Schemes?
You can only REDEEM the Flexi Scheme after the completion of the TENURE provided you have paid your monthly installments on or before the due date every month. (NOTE: After 30 days from the date of the last Installment). 
Can the Flexi Scheme to be paid FULL in advances?
The Flexi Scheme can only be carry UPFRONT of 2 months.
What is the payment mode?
You can either pay by CASH ,NETS ,PayNow & SGQR.
Can I close the Flexi scheme before the date of maturity
If you closure before the completion Of 12 months.You are eligible to buy jewellerys to the extent of the amount paid by you at the prevailing rate on the date of purchase.
What if I want to transfer or nominate my Flexi Schemes to other peoples?
Yes, you can do the transfer or nominate along with the person at our outlet.
What if I delayed my payment?
If the payment is delayed by one month, the maturity date will be postponed By one month accordingly. ( Ex: Joining Date 01/06/2016– Date of Redemption 01/06/2017. If 1 month delayed it will be postponed to 01/07/2017 )
How long is the validity for the Flexi Schemes from the date of the last payment finish?

The Flexi Schemes is valid only for 120 days from the date of the last payment.

Is there any option that I can views how many payment that I have made?
Yes, you can view your payment details by Login into
Can I have more than one subscription?

Yes, you can have more than 1 subscription as each subscription came along a passbook.

Is It a Investment Scheme

We are not a bank, Investment Firm or any other financial institution. We offer this flexi Scheme, to encourage the customer to save and purchase high-value gold jewellery.

What is benefit of Flexi GOLD Scheme?
In Flexi GOLD scheme, The customer could book the gold-price on the date of flexi payment.
They could accumulate the gold, without worrying about fluctuation in the gold-price.
Additionally, the customer is entitled to get one month instalment amount as bonus from APJ Abiraame.
Can i make subsequent payment for Flexi online?

- Yes, you could make payment online through this website. After logging into this website with your login credentials, you would be able to see subscriptions available. After selecting the subscription number, click 'Pay Now' link. Scan the PayNow QR code through DBS Paylah or your mobile banking app and make the payment.

This is the procedure for online flexi payments through

When i am doing registration process for new flexi scheme, i lost internet connection / any error comes in.

- You could come down to our showroom - 85, serangoon road (10:45 AM - 9:30 PM). CASH/NETS/PAYNOW mode available for payment.
-For Further assetince for online registrition.You could also contact us at our whatsapp number - 9851 2245.

I am having a problem, when i am doing online payment.

   -For Further assetince in online Payment issues.You could contact us at our whatsapp number - 9851 2245.

  -You could  also come down to our showroom - 85, serangoon road (10:45 AM - 9:30 PM). 


After i have done online flexi payment, when will i get notified?

After making the payment, Our staffs would check and update your flexi account.

You would get notified through SMS within 24 hours, about your flexi payment.

(If the payment is made on Saturday / Sunday / Public Holiday, the online payment would be processed in next working day.)

- If you didn't get notified within 24 hours, You could also contact us at our whatsapp number - 9851 2245


If i request others to make online payment for my flexi account, how to do make entry in this case?

Yes, You can do that,In the ACTUAL BANK ACCOUNT HOLDER NAME, enter the FULL NAME of the bank account holder from which you are making payment. It would be easy for our staffs to match with your flexi number and Bank account holder name.